Accessible Twitter

Did you know that there is an accessible version of twitter?

It had long been known that has some accessibility issues... No keyboard access to favorite/reply/delete, few headings, inflexible layout width...
However, Denis Lembree has created a site to fix these issues:

The project is currently in Beta, but first impressions are good!

Here are the Accessibility Features offered :

* All links are keyboard accessible.
* DM, Favorite, Reply, Re-tweet, and Delete links are all visible by default.
* Simple, consistent layout and navigation (and signed-in username always displayed).
* Headings and page titles are implemented for optimal accessibility. This includes an H3 heading (for author screen name) added to tweets to assist with screen reader users.
* Works great with or without JavaScript.
* Ajax actions are concluded with an alert that notifies the user of the result of the action.
* Large default text size and high color contrast. Layout/text resizes without breaking.
* When entering tweets, audio cues indicate when the character limit is almost reached (in addition to character counter).
* Forms and data tables are marked up for optimal accessibility.
* Code is semantic, light, and adheres to best practices in Web Standards.
* If a tweet is in response to another (and marked as such in the data), a clearer link is provided to the that tweet (not hidden). There's also a more obvious link to the "permanent page" for the tweet.
* A clearer link is provided for the "permanent" link for a tweet; the page containing only a single tweet.
* Tested on all major browsers: IE6, IE7, IE8, Firefox, Safari, Opera, and Chrome.

Visit me at : Simplicity User Experience Optimisation

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