Accessible Blogs?

I thought a good way to begin this Blog is to practice what I preach. Here is an article about creating accessible blogs for blind users:

One of barriers which visually impaired web users always mention is the use of “Word Verification” on websites. The idea is that the letters & numbers can only be read by humans, and not any automated machines or ‘bots’.
This is what I was shown when I signed up to Blogger:

Usually “Word Verification” is not accessible. In this example however, Blogger has included an audio version of the “Word Verification”:

It appears to work well, and will potentially open blogging up to a wider audience.

Is my new blog “accessible” according to an automated checker? No. Here’s a screenshot:

When I get a chance I’ll do a manual accessibility check….

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Charlie said... 25 October 2007 at 13:06  

Here is another link:

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